Result/Impact: Rule 6(5) has been inserted to allow restoration of name on payment of Rs. 1,000/- subject to (fees paid by him at the time of initial registration shall continue to be valid for the period for which the same was initially paid):
a. name to be shown in separate restored category for one year from restoration date
b. need to pass online proficiency test within that one year

If he fails to pass the test within one year of restoration, his name shall be removed from the data bank and he shall be required to apply afresh for inclusion of name in databank.

Source: The Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Second Amendment, Rules, 2022 dated June 11, 2022

Reference: Rule 6(2) – Every individual whose name has been so included in the data bank shall file an application for renewal for a further period of one year or five years or for his life-time, within a period of thirty days from the date of expiry of the period upto which the name of the individual was applied for inclusion in the data bank, failing which, the name of such individual shall stand removed from the data bank of the institute.